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Providing best in class security escorting is our service and our top priority is clients and personnel satisfaction. Since 1998 we have honed skills that allow us to provide a service unlike any other in the industry.


We measure our performance standards to a regimented set of key performance indicators which have been developed to give our management team a dashboard to operations. Due to the unique demands demands of security escorting we have isolated specific KPI's. Ensuring we hit these expectations we are able to exceed the demands of our clients while providing a cost conscious environment.

In the event of an emergency  or special event immediate response may be required.

Airfield Access will be there! We have a proven track record for response capabilities. More importantly we can ramp up operations within a short time to meet any needs

  • AVOP Verification
  • Pass checking, AVOP and Vehicle Markers
  • Comprehension of Escort Requirements
  • Various alert levels compliance
  • Temporary Pass Control
  • Radio communication certificates.
  • Full understanding of NOTAM
  • Construction delays and back charges
  • FOD
  • Flagging operations